Lutronic Clarity II

Used to Treat:

Hair removal, Pigmented lesions, Wrinkle reduction, Rosacea, Hemangiomas, Leg veins

Price Guide:

Launch specials:
Buy 4 laser hair removal treatments get 4 free.
Buy 2 skin rejuvenation treatments get 1 free.


What is Clarity II?

Lutronic CLARITY II is a dual wavelength hair removal and aesthetic laser that offers two different wavelengths for treatment versatility, greater speed and patient safety and comfort.

The dual wavelengths also allows treatment of all skin types and a larger range of treatment applications.

What does Clarity II treat?

The Clarity II has the ability to target melanin and vascular lesions, as well as reduce thickness of hair and stimulate collagen production. It can also be used to treat and get rid of nail fungus.

With a large range of laser ‘spot’ sizes, Clarity is able to selectively target and eliminate multiple skin conditions.

Treatments include:

Hair removal
Skin tightening & firming
Skin rejuvenation
Large pores
Pigmented lesions
Epidermal pigments
Vascular lesions
Facial telangiectasia
Leg veins

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